Chemical characteristics:

Alcohol% Vol 13.5 °

Total acidity g/L: 5.3

PH 3.20

Dry Extract G/L: 21.5

L’oro del Cardinale

WINE: Trebbiano D’Abruzzo DOC

GRAPES: Trebbiano D’Abruzzo of Ancient clones selected in the vineyards located in the municipality of Loreto Aprutino in the province of Pescara.

HARVEST: The harvest takes place at the end of September to reach full technological maturity selecting the best grapes that are manually harvested in respect of their integrity and organoleptic characteristics.

VINIFICATION: The modern principles of white wine-making are applied. The removal follows a short maceration, that is the contact of the skins with the must for 8-10 hours at a T ° of 15-18 ° C, to allow the extraction of the noble and aromatic components of the skins fundamental for the perfume and the personality of the future wine. A soft pressing is then performed and the flower must is refrigerated to a T ° of 8-10 ° C. After decating the must is inoculated with selected yeasts and fermented at a controlled temperature of about 20-23 ° C in New oak French barriques. After alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation, the wine remains in barriques in contact with Lees for about 8-10 months; During this period normal operations of “batonages” are performed after the fasr of the refinement in wood are carried out the normal operations of chemical-physical stabilization and bottling. Before the release for consumption the wine remains to refine in the bottle for another 3 months.

Organoleptic Characteristics:

COLOUR: Straw yellow lightly laden with golden and amber Reflections.

ODOUR: Intense aroma, persistent and ample, rich in tropical ripe fruit, honey with fresh balsamic and spicy notes.

FLAVOUR: dry, soft, harmonious and round with good body and persistence. Long aromatic persistence on the palate.

PAIRINGS: It is ideal to accompany fish dishes, first light dishes and medium-seasoned cheeses. Ideal for pleasant meditations.

SERVICE: Serve a T ° of approx. 10-12 ° C by uncorking the bottle at the time of consumption.

STORAGE: Store in a cool place at 8-10 ° C holding the bottle lying down.